Jacob Allinson is an award-winning, Filmmaker and Photographer, whose films have been featured in numerous festivals around the country. As well as, published photography for clients such as Walmart, Swirl Films, Honda, BB&T, Red Cross and others.

While growing up in the South Jacob’s family moved several times, but the majority of his time was in Arkansas and Texas. Later he spent several years in Los Angeles when he decided to attend film school. After some time in California he moved to Atlanta for further schooling, and became involved in the film and photography industry there.

  Throughout his life Jacob has always enjoyed meeting people and exploring new opportunities. He is a hands-on director and Photographer, and isn’t afraid to get dirty in order to accomplish his work. He is known as a resourceful director and has produced tremendous results on limited budgets.  In addition to pursuing his passion to create great films, Jacob continues to hone his skills in other ways as well. With a keen eye for the esthetic, he regularly goes on still photography shoots and challenges himself to capture the look he is going for.